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Custom Integration Solutions stands as a distinguished managed service provider, exclusively crafted for the modern enterprise. We excel in offering superior network equipment tailored for integration partners. Our all-encompassing solutions seamlessly cater to both the business world and residential sectors. We emphasize advanced security measures, including robust DNS filtering and fortified encrypted VPN access. With Custom Integration Solutions unwavering dedication to pioneering network infrastructure, we’re your trusted ally for both corporate and home needs.

Featured Products & Services

CIS-AP900-AX Wi-Fi6 Access Point


The Generation6 802.11ax wireless standard brings a significant leap in performance, offering an increase of up to 40% in speed within the 5 GHz band and a staggering up to 90% boost in the 2.4 GHz spectrum!

CIS Wi-Fi Manager Compatible

Leverage CIS Wi-Fi Management on your CIS Router to oversee and regulate multiple access points with ease.

Number of Ports: 2

1 GIG input port along with 1 GIG Ethernet ports featuring PoE (Power over Ethernet) output capability.

CIS-NW-8PoE Router

7 PoE Ethernet Ports

2.5 Gigabit WAN, 10 GIG switching capability, a 10 Gigabit SFP+ slot, and 7 PoE-enabled Ethernet ports.

Embedded CIS Wi-Fi Management

With the CIS Wi-Fi Manager, seamlessly link your CIS Access Points straight to your CIS Router.

VPN Capable

The enterprise router features VPN encryption capabilities, ensuring secure remote connections to automation systems.

CIS Platinum Membership

Content & App Filtering 54 categories, white-listing & low false positives

Internet content is identified and categorized within 24 hours. Additionally, a distinct ‘Safe Search’ feature, encompassing platforms like YouTube, Google, and Bing, can be activated. Upon accessing a restricted page, users are presented with a personalized block page, and the incident is recorded.

Malware Mitigation Block 350,000 strains of malware

CIS Malware Mitigation identifies both the origins of Malware, such as malicious websites, and the signs of infection. This service works in tandem with anti-threat software installed on PCs or devices, enhancing overall security. It effectively counters a wide range of threats including ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, botnets, and over 25,000 other malware variants.


Geographic Access Management enables the blocking of regions deemed high-risk. The capacity to identify and, if necessary, restrict access from certain countries can significantly enhance security measures for various reasons.


The CIS Wi-Fi Manager serves as a unified management platform for Wi-Fi networks, streamlining the setup and management of multiple access points through a CIS Router. This integration facilitates network scalability, ensures uniform configuration, and simplifies troubleshooting processes.

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Custom Integration Solutions Canada is committed to providing integrators with cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of residential and commercial spaces they serve. Our innovative technology is designed for effortless integration with the specific systems and processes within the integration field.

CIS distinguishes itself not just as a supplier of high-quality equipment but as a devoted partner. Our commitment extends beyond delivering premium products; it involves building enduring relationships and enhancing the overall experience for our clients. Leveraging our deep expertise, fostering creativity, and committing to ongoing improvement, we pave the way for triumph.

Together, we’re not just adapting to the existing technological environment; we’re shaping its evolution. Our mission to craft progressive solutions is guiding the integration sector into new frontiers, one custom solution at a time.

CIS has redefined industry standards, positioning the CIS-NW-POE Gigabit Router in a league of its own.