After running a successful Integration company for over 15 years, Rudy Kern understands first-hand the challenges Integrators are facing in today’s changing landscape.

As the founder of CIS, Rudy scoured the market in search of a dependable solution that he could confidently implement across his expanding array of projects.

Despite experimenting with several well-known brands, it became evident that what was missing was not just another hardware component, but a meticulously configured solution tailored to specific needs. After trialing various brand-name solutions spanning from basic to top-tier commercial offerings, Rudy identified a significant gap in the market. What was needed wasn’t just hardware, but a comprehensive solution that addressed the nuanced requirements of automation industry.

Driven by necessity and a thirst for expertise, Rudy delved into accredited network training, explored alternative hardware options, and conducted exhaustive real-world tests until he honed in on the perfect blend of components and configurations.

Thus, CIS was conceived, bringing to the table a product lineup poised to furnish Integrators with the caliber of quality and reliability they demand.

Rudy Kern

Founder of CIS Custom Integration Solutions

CIS has redefined industry standards, positioning the CIS-NW-POE Gigabit Router in a league of its own.