CIS-CIS-BR-KIT1G Wireless Bridge

The CIS-BR-KIT1G represents a revolutionary approach to achieving fiber-like speed and quality at a significantly lower cost. This innovative kit eliminates the need for traditional Gigabit ethernet cabling by including two compact units that establish a connection via a 60 GHz wireless link.

To set it up, simply align the devices towards each other and power them up. They will automatically create a 1 Gbit full duplex link, offering an instant, cable-free solution for your networking needs.

The CIS-BR-KIT1G introduces an innovative solution that delivers the speed and reliability of fiber optics at a fraction of the cost. This remarkable kit transforms your network setup by replacing traditional Gigabit ethernet cables with two compact units that establish a high-speed connection through a 60 GHz wireless link.

Setting it up is as simple as aligning the included devices towards each other and turning them on, instantly creating a 1 Gbit full duplex link. This seamless, cable-free connectivity is why it's aptly named the "Wireless Wire."

Beyond its ease of installation, the CIS-BR-KIT1G ensures a secure, AES-encrypted 60 GHz wireless connection, free from the interference of congested Wi-Fi channels, thus providing a stable and swift link suitable for distances exceeding 100 meters. The package comes with everything needed for setup, including two pre-paired devices, a mounting kit for walls, and straps for pole installation. Impressively, the link is capable of penetrating most windows, although performance may vary based on the window material.