CIS Commercial Platinum Membership


The CIS Commercial Platinum Membership is a comprehensive set of tools and security enhancements designed for commercial installations.

Quarterly updates. Keep your network up to date with the latest in security and performance enhancements.

Advanced notifications keep network professionals informed within minutes of mechanical interruptions or incidents.


Content and App Filtering

Content & App Filtering 54 categories, white-listing & low false positives
New internet content is detected and classified within 24 hours. Separate ‘Safe Search’ categorization including You-Tube, Google and Bing can also be enabled. When a blocked page is reached users receive a customizable stop page and the event is logged.

Malware Mitigation

Malware Mitigation Block 350,000 strains of malware
CIS Malware Mitigation detects the sources of Malware (bad web sites) as well as the symptoms of Malware. This is complementary to anti-threat software deployed on PC’s or devices. CIS mitigates ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, botnets and more than 25,000 variations.

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting & Analysis Real-time reports and 6 months of dataWhile fully compliant with leading privacy laws (eg 95/46/EC, BPjM etc) CISretains up to 6 month of historical data for creating ad-hoc or scheduled reports. Many pre-canned report formats are available to minimize the effort required.

Area restriction Control

Area restriction Control Block countries considered dangerousFor many reasons the ability to detect and potentially block access to certain countries can be a considerable help. Usually this is because of a perceived risk but it might also create a geo-fence for children or employees.