A Complete Solution For Filtering



Take your security to the next level with CIS Filtering!

With CIS Filtering, streamlining content and malware protection becomes effortless, eliminating the need for extra hardware. Set up a safer, more efficient online environment on your CIS Router in just a quarter of an hour!

Encountering Double-NAT issues? This approach is ideal when dealing with a secondary router behind an ISP’s non-bridgeable router.

Suitable for various setups, whether you’re connected via an Xplornet Satellite System, a different ISP, or certain LTE Hubs and require remote connectivity, this solution stands out. It grants secure VPN access directly to your CIS Router and any connected devices, ensuring seamless operation.

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Content and App Filtering

Content and Application Filtering spans 54 distinct categories, supports precise white-listing, and maintains low false positive rates. It promptly classifies new internet content within a day. An exclusive 'Safe Search' function for YouTube, Google, and Bing enhances security. Access attempts to blocked pages trigger a customizable block notice and are logged systematically.

Malware Mitigation

Malware Mitigation Mitigate over 350,000 types of malware with CIS Malware Mitigation, which identifies both the origins of malware, such as malicious websites, and its symptoms. This feature serves as a supplementary layer to the anti-threat software installed on PCs and devices, effectively countering ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, botnets, and a diverse array of over 25,000 malware variants.

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting & Analysis CIS provides real-time reporting along with a historical data retention of up to 6 months, ensuring full compliance with major privacy regulations such as 95/46/EC, BPjM, and others. This capability allows for the generation of both on-demand and scheduled reports, with a variety of pre-defined report templates available to simplify the process and reduce the effort needed.

Area restriction Control

Area restriction Control The capacity to identify and possibly restrict access to specific countries offers significant advantages for various reasons. Often, this capability is utilized due to perceived security threats, but it can also serve to establish geographical boundaries for the safety and oversight of children or the management of employee activities.