CIS-SFP-003 Fiber Cable (3 Meters)

If you own a CIS Router and a switch with SFP ports, you’ll find this solution particularly beneficial. Simply by connecting the prebuilt CIS fiber cable into the SFP ports on both devices, you can establish an immediate network connection. This setup eliminates any worries related to electromagnetic induction or data transmission speeds. Moreover, each SFP cable is equipped with an integrated quick release tab, making it easy to install and remove without the need for special tools or extensive technical knowledge. This feature ensures a hassle-free, secure, and efficient networking experience, enhancing the overall performance and reliability of your network infrastructure.

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If you're equipped with a CIS Router and a switch featuring SFP ports, this solution is a must-have. By simply inserting the pre-assembled CIS fiber cable into the SFP ports, you'll achieve an immediate network linkage. This straightforward connection method sidesteps any issues related to electromagnetic induction or transmission speed. Additionally, every SFP cable is designed with an integrated quick-release tab, facilitating effortless and quick connections or disconnections. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining a tidy and efficient network setup, ensuring both ease of use and optimal performance.