CIS VLAN Interface

VLANs can be used to partition a local network into several distinctive segments.

  • Production
  • Voice over IP
  • Network management

Requires additional networks (Sold Separately)

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VLAN, short for "Virtual Local Area Network" or "Virtual LAN," is a customized network formed from one or more pre-existing LANs, allowing devices across different networks, both wired and wireless, to be unified into a single logical network. This creates a virtual LAN that operates similarly to a physical LAN, facilitating easier management.

To establish a VLAN, your networking equipment, such as routers and switches, must be VLAN-capable.

Your facility is equipped with a high-capacity switch configured with multiple VLANs for advanced network segmentation. Rest assured, all configurations and settings on your CIS Switch are meticulously preserved.

All switches are regularly updated and backed up to incorporate the latest in security and performance improvements.

VLANs enable the segregation of ports on a single switch into distinct VLANs, effectively treating those ports as if they belong to separate switches.

Note that this functionality may require additional network components, which are available for purchase separately.

For commercial environments, network switches include DSP (Disaster Recovery Protocols), enhancing resilience. Each switch necessitates one CIS VLAN Interface for VLAN setup.

One CIS VLAN Interface is needed for every CIS Switch that requires VLAN configuration.